Search Speed and Server Farms

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Written by Bloggies   
Thursday, 05 August 2010 17:51

ENiac, You come a long way baby, Internet Search SpeedBeing from the tech side of things, I often wonder what hardware is used for the searches since so many people press the SEARCH button simultaneously.  Generally what is becoming popular is the huge transport containers lined up in a football field warehouse and inside filled with blade servers.  Microsoft and other data centers house around 300,000 servers per farm like this.  With that horse power on the farm, one might wonder why there is a slight lag for the search results to show up.  That's partially from the propagation of the data between the farm and your computer screen.  Just as Eniac, one of the first electronic computers, filled about 1800 square feet (announced 1942) and that technology now fits onto a piece of a chip, so will that data farm eventually be sized down to possibly a desktop or smaller.  Amazing! 

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