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Saturday, 06 November 2010 17:05

As you may know, Branding is basically ASSOCIATION.  When we hear a certain song, phrase or see a famous character, how does it make us feel and do we also think about a company brand with it?  When we think about Polar Bears during the Christmas season are we also thinking about a specific soda brand (if you didn't already know it's Coca Cola). Insurance companies use characters to get brand recognition such as Aflac's Duck, Geico's Gecko (lizard) and Safe Auto's Justin Case.

Social Networking and Social Network Media can be leveraged to propagate Brand Recognition. Brand Recognition is created by using a spiffy phrase, music, a theme, a character such as the Polar Bear crew and so forth.  Other ways to generate Brand Recognition is to simply use your company name or logo and then propagate that information to the public. 

The reason why Social Media has become popular to create Brand Awareness and Brand Recognition is because of its ability to quickly propagate information to the public.  One effect of Social Networking is known as the "VIRAL EFFECT" which is the ability of objects or patterns to duplicate themselves (wikipedia's definition).  As related to Social Networking, the Viral Effect is leveraged when a you post messages in your Social Network such as Facebook or Twitter, and in turn, all of your Friends (Facebook) see your message and media posted, then in turn those friends of your friends will see it and then friends of the friends of the friends will see it and so on.  In YouTube, the media is voted on and displayed by the most popular at the top of the YouTube home page.

How to make a famous brand (for laughs)
there are two routes
Route 1.
a. Become famous
b. Make a brand
Route 2.
a. Make a brand
b. Become famous

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