PC and Server Optimization

Part of the process in optimizing a PC or server so that processing can be used as a valuable resource is to review which programs are needed and focusing the memory, processor and bandwidth on their use.

Other programs not used or dormant can often be found using background tasks that uses bandwidth on the network and processing power from the CPU. Unless a program is needed specifically by the person that uses the PC or needed as a Server function, it should be removed to optimize and boost performance on that what is needed. This process also minimizes the trouble shooting footprint which will decrease the time to solve a problem.

The Google Desktop and Google Updater use considerable resources and in the past I have worked on Viruses that have been installed and attributed to the Google Desktop. This program can add value in certain circumstances but generally I find them installed because other programs like printers and cameras, Java, etc. included them with the installer and for them not to have been installed the user needed to remove a checkbox which they didn't bother reading or understand what they were installing.

Google Desktop, Gadgets and Toolbar similar to others such as Yahoo and Ask.com are promoted to add gadgets but they track and record websites the user visits and feeds it back to databases for analytics and statistics to be used in harvesting market value for billions of products that are available online. They add updaters that run in the background and use memory, CPU, and network bandwidth. Collectively on several computers they add up especially if you are having bandwidth issues, but even more so, a number of such programs on a single computer use up valuable resources.

Antivirus programs do not function as designed if there are more than one of them installed. Different versions from the same manufacturer and different programs from different manufacturers will not function as designed if installed on the same computer. If you have more than one Anti Malware program installed then you should remove them and just keep one.

There are several other optimization tasks that can be performed but initially this list is a good start.