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When three of our older laptop computers got bogged down so badly with viruses, spyware, adware and general operational problems that they were unusable, Matt Greenberg of PC LAN and Greenberg Associates was a godsend! He responded promptly to our call for help, and proposed a way to get the work done on all three that would be efficient, cost-effective and result in minimal down-time. He was extremely thorough and is obviously very knowledgeable about all of the ways to ensure that computers are running at top performance. As a small business owner, I especially appreciated Matt’s advice about the cost/benefit equation for various options he proposed to get the computers up and running. I’d use his services again any time and highly recommend Matt, PC LAN and Greenberg Associates.

Melanie G. Snyder, Author, Grace Goes to Prison and freelance writer at

I would recommendyour services to anyone..... and we have already done so!  I appreciate your knowledge with computers and I and Bill rely on your expertise daily.  The entire office likes that fact we can count on you on a daily basis, if needed, to help us with our program issues, computer glinches, etc.   You are always courteous when you are working in our office and we feel comfortable with you working in our office after hours.  You are very trustworthy.   If we encounter any problem we just say...'call PC LAN' !  In a nutshell... we would be lost without you!  That is why we have no problem passing your name along to others who are looking for your kind of expertise.  Thanks Matt!"

Diane Herr


Wallover Architects incorporated has had the great pleasure of working with Matt Greenberg since 2008 in the role of outside IT specialist for our firm.  Matt has overseen the procurement of hardware and software, has provided on and off site day to day management of our computer system and has assisted us in making long-term decisions over the proper management and operation of our electronic media.  We have placed a great deal of trust in his firm’s ability to keep our data  safe and  accessible.  The degree of understanding of the software, its relationship to our specific business needs and how best to configure hardware to get the most out of our programs has been a strong aspect of PC LAN’s service to us.  Matt has been a great asset for us and we look forward to our continued association with him.  I would not hesitate to recommend PC LAN & Greenberg Associates to anyone in need of assistance with their business computer needs.

Edwin M. Wallover, III President


Our office has contracted with PC Lan & Greenberg Associates for several years and will continue to do so for a number of reasons: 1) Quick response – whenever there is any interruption of service, everyone has an email, cell number and office number to use and we get immediate response; 2) Thorough analysis – whatever problem we encounter is not only repaired, but analyzed such that we are provided with explanation and oftentimes recommendation of new methods of use or product that we could purchase to ensure that the problem or problems will be avoided in the future; 3) ITT savvy – the service technician not only knows how to supply our IT needs, but also knows how to communicate with folks like us who are largely computer illiterate in a way that we can understand his instruction and recommendation.  Quick, thorough and savvy ITT service is why we have in the past and will continue to contract with PC Lan & Greenberg Associates.

Angela M. Ward, Esquire
Going & Plank

When I was asked why I use Matt Greenberg to maintain and repair the computer system at Education Station, Inc., it was easy to explain.  We can call him anytime and he responds; he’s reliable, if he doesn’t know the answer immediately, he finds a solution for us without leaving us hanging; and he is helpful by offering suggestions for our system whenever he comes across new ideas and perhaps most importantly, Matt is patient with “computer-technology challenged” clients such as myself.  I’ve appreciated having Matt as part of our extended associates to help keep us moving forward.

Pat Paules, President/Owner
Education Station, Inc.


Matt Greenberg has an unusually broad and deep knowledge of everything computer/electronic related.  He is unfailingly professional in every aspect of his work.  He is thorough and patient. If he has a fault, I would have to say it is this:  Matt  never, ever gives up until he gets  to  the solution for a problem.  Be certain you really want the answer, well before you ask the question.

Roberta Strickler
Marketing Liason/Whole Foods Manufacturer


Our system was a mess!  Matt came in and cleaned up the whole system and made if more efficient.  We had two computers, one a server and one a desktop.  He was able to combine the two into one server/desktop.  He made my backup system much easier to use, it does it when I’m not here. When I have had a problem with a breakdown of any kind, he was easily accessible to fix the problem.  Most things can be done online.   I would highly recommend Matt and his company for any computer issues you have.

Charyl Dommel
Slip Industries, Inc


I have found it a real pleasure to work with Matt Greenberg of PC LAN.  He was very knowledgeable of my problems and quickly found the solution to my problems.  I must say that he is a true advocate for PC’s which I hate.  Because of his ability to diagnose problems with my computer I was able to save the cost of a new computer.  Matt has been a good resource for my company and I would recommend him to anyone.

Joel Buch
Joel's Painting

I have known Matt for about 5 years. He is dependable, reliable , friendly, caring and professional. Matt seems to be an expert and very knowledgable in his field.  Matt designed my website to conform with Prudential specifications for advertising.  It is user friendly for all buyers, sellers and Realtors.

Ann Marie Cancro-Realtor/21 Years
Prudential Home Sale Services Group


"The Nature of our application software required some unique additional work to support multiple users. This work was handled exceptionally well. Since our network has been installed it has performed flawlessly. Our infrequent calls for support have been promptly and concisely answered."

William W. Bullen, Jr., Vice President, Brokerage Division
Brokers' Service Corporation

"Along with the Administration of the Local Area Networks, PC LAN and Greenberg Associates worked with us in large multi-protocol mainframe environments such as Sperry (Unisys), IBM, and Burroughs. They proved skillful in working on these networks."

David Hibshman, Lead Telecommunications Analyst
New Holland Geotech

"PC LAN & Greenberg Associates presented a seminar to our Users Group on Network Supervisor Functions. I found them to be well versed in Local Area Networks, a cooperative and informative lecturer, and valuable resource."

Jaqueline Glick, President
Central PA Users Group/Applied Systems




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