Keeping a computer support team at hand can help your small business avert any number of minor and major disasters. These headaches add up to a lot of lost profits and wasted money over time, so it makes sense for any modern business to invest in the support necessary to keep these problems well away.

1) Lost data

Losing data costs businesses a truly staggering amount of money; lost clients, lost hours, and lost reputation - all of these follow when your company manages to lose important data. And all for nothing, because a savvy tech team could set up cloud-storage and automatic backup solutions for your business effortlessly. It’s one thing to know every employee could keep regular backups of every important document and file if they made the effort — it’s another to take compliance and best practices out of the picture completely with an error-proof solution.

2) Hacks

If you follow the news at all, you know hacking has grown into the favorite hobby of bored teenagers and overseas criminal networks alike. While your small business may not be the prime target for these sorts, it’s a simple fact that if you don’t have professionals to help you develop proper security on a software and policy level, you’re vulnerable to the first middle school kid to set his or her sights on you.

3) Poor maintenance

General system maintenance makes a huge difference in the overall efficiency of your systems as well as their longevity, yet many companies simply trudge along, never updating a single program, or dusting a single system. Otherwise good systems end up in the trash because of a single failed component. And all of this waste is avoidable with a proper tech team performing regular maintenance.

4) Wasted employee time

Your employees probably aren’t experts in hardware or software support, but without a support team on the line, that’s instantly a part of their duties. That means everyone on your staff, to a greater or lesser extent, ends up spending valuable hours finding solutions to problems an expert could solve in minutes or even seconds. It’s simply not an efficient way to invest employee time.

5) Ineffective solutions

How many hours do employees at your business waste on things a computer could handle? How many people do you have set to a task a single individual could easily handle with the proper software assistance? You probably don’t know the answer — and you’ll only really find these solutions if you work closely with a tech support team willing to learn your business needs, wants, and methods. Do this, and you’ll find that you rarely want to use off-the-shelf solutions for anything, no matter how well-designed those solutions may be. Even minor customization from a competent support team can result in massive efficiency gains.

Maintaining a relationship with a computer support team just makes sense for modern businesses, in the same way that anyone who wants to maintain their health without breaking the bank knows they ought to see a doctor regularly and check in with their concerns.


originally published by CHS Tech Solutions on their blog repubished with permission. 

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