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CHS Tech Solutions the Single source for small business IT and web development.  with over 13 years industry experience, CHS Tech Solutions has paved a new way for small businesses to have high quality, low cost IT Support.  



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SEO & Search EngiNE OPTIMIZATION - Internet Marketing Services, computer - pc repair, inside wiring and Ethernet cabling / structured wiring


 PC LAN Company, a Lancaster Pennsylvania Corporation, provides business services to increase productivity through technology in addition to internet marketing services and analytics in which we provide venue to increase profits and enhance products.

 We put you on the first page! We can guarantee increased traffic to your Website and online store. Our proven SEO, Search-Engine-Optimization  methodolgoy has increased traffic for our clients.  We are a white hat SEO company - we use legitimate techniques to put you on the first page of the search results. We also help you establish relationships and build your business using Social Media and Social Media Branding.  Find out what the hype is all about with the Social Media Revolution, click here.

We are IT and Computers - Computer Help and Computer Support  and an Internet Marketing Services Company.  If you need a speedy PC Repair - Computer Repair then we are "IT!" 

We have installed and integrated computer networks and systems for Ford Tractor a division of Ford, Lancaster General including Columbia Hospital, Duke Street, MRI's-RDI and LDI, Health Campus Facilities, all of the counties LGH owned family practices and several other entities through out LGH Systems.  We have provided products to High Industries, Millersville University, F&M College and many others.  We also service small businesses and have several wonderful testimonies from them - click here.

 We partner with leading industry manufacturers such as Microsoft, Cisco, HP to bring you cost-effective-integrated solutions that improves business workflow and intelligence.


The name PC LAN Company was derived from the acronym Personal Computers and Local Area Networks which is a popular buzz word throughout the history of computers.  Although now part of the same entity, PC LAN Company once separately serviced IT and Greenberg Associates provided Web Site design and Internet Marketing.

Started in 1992, The PC LAN Company and Greenberg Associates continues to stay abreast the technology bringing IT solutions to work integrating online systems and providing Internet Services, Internet Marketing services, Web Site Hosting and Web Services for our clients and customers.


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We Put You On The First Page, Search Engine Optimization SEO and Search Engine Marketing SEM
Google Thought Bubble

Since there are millions of new websites on the Internet and 1000's being added daily, the biggest challenge for a business owner is getting found in this vast landscape of Websites.  Our Search Marketing service puts you on the first page of Yahoo, Bing and Google Search.  Initially we analyze the market, think like the shopper, and determine which search terms people are entering to find the products your business offers.  From this list of keyword phrases, we analyze and create a list that has the highest monthly search volume to target.  Finally making these keyword phrases appear on the first page of search results with the link back to your website.  This process is known as Organic and Natural Search, unlike paid search in that paid search doesn't continue to work after the campaign money is gone however the Organic and Natural Search in this process described here, will continue to work even after the campaign money is spent.


Web Site Design and Enhancements

* Showcasing Business Services and Products.

* Building Brand recognition and Branding around products and services.

* Site or extension of an existing site to provide Services and Support for your customers.

* Social Networks used to promote your business ideas and values to the world through the use of existing social networks including Twitter and    Facebook.

* Building a Social Network at your business site enabling a community of people that are willing to contribute ideas and comments about your products and services

* Propagating Social Media including video, podcasts (which is audio) and RSS/Atom Feeds (really simple syndication) either to your site or from your site.

Internet Advertising Campaigns

* Email Newsletter and Contact Lists, Sign up and Opt-in forms.

* Search Engine Optimization, SEO - sites and site pages optimized for Search Engines.

* Pay-per-Click campaigns, Google Ad-Words and Microsoft Ad-Sense Ad Management

* Keyword Silo's, lists of words that consumers search for, when looking for your products.

* Landing Pages, used in conjunction with keyword silos, that assist in converting a visitor to a customer.

* Blogging, publishing articles on products, services or Brands with or without allowing commentary.

* Inbound Link Building - establish third party site links and provide links through blogging and commentary.

Marketing Research and Analytics

* Research Marketing through data collection, data mining and Analysis. This can be used for product and service enhancements.

* Research Marketing through Online Surveys


*MySpace for Artists, Musicians, Bands, Singers, Performers, Models, Actors and Entertainers
*YouTube Productions and Video
*SEO - Organics and Natural Search
*Paid Search Campaign Management
*Google and Bing

*Email Marketing
*Online Forms and Form Inquiry
*Wiki Pages Created
*Website Customization for Mobile Smartphones
*Email and Web Hosting Services


MySpace for Artists, Musicians, Bands, Singers, Performers, Models, Actors and Entertainers   $450 Starter Package 

 YouTube Productions and Video 



*Google Pay Per Click and Facebook Ad Campaign Paid per month

Using a large keyword list, we will set-up and manage your ad campaigns, determine the bid amounts for the pay-per-click, perform analytics and daily monitoring of your campaigns, including split-ad testing. Our cost is for the set-up and ongoing management costs.

A company account would be funded and withdrawals taken directly from your credit card for the actual campaign money. A monthly budget will be determined as well as a daily limit for your ad campaigns. Our pay-per-click services will put your site in front of people during the first four months in which time the Organic-Natural Search Service builds up. 



The Internet Search Engines require a hierarchy of presenting search results - meaning which page presented as a search result is more relevant then the next page in its presentation.  Search engines have stressed and placed extreme importance on content and reputation in order to give a webpage authority above its predecessors.  Great expense and care has gone into the computations to rank one page above another.
Therefore, understanding these concepts allows us to build authority for our clients on targeted phrases called keywords, which an online surfer types into the search box to find products, services or information they’re looking for.  Our process uses known concepts to accomplish this.

Our Services is a three part process, 1. Select target phrases, 2. Optimize the website for the search engines, 3. Inbound link building.




Email and Web Hosting Services 
Annual Web Hosting and Email boxes.  Currently hosted on our own HIGH SPEED QUAD CORE 64Bit SERVER at the Ephrata-Windstream Data Center.  It has failover SAS 6GB/Sec Drives and Redundent Power. Backups performed and stored off site nightly.


Your Hot-Line
Your Hot-Line!


Interested in finding an IT company that's always available?  Have you ever been in the office on the weekend or holiday and needed a quick connection to an IT support person?  We can help!

On-call and always available when your business is, PC LAN Company and Greenberg Associates brings to you clear English speaking individuals that can be contacted 24/7, 365 days per year.


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